How to Burn DVD Mac Easily

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Are you an Apple Mac user and are looking for ways to burn DVD Mac? Well, even though the process looks very easy, it can be difficult at times to follow it. Burning a DVD on Mac becomes much easier using a DVD burner tool. Today, we will have a look at different ways and know how to burn a DVD on a Mac. Read below to know more about this.

Requirements to Burn a DVD on a Mac

If the DVD is writable, you can directly add media blank DVD discs. On the other hand, by doing so, you only create a data DVD disc and not one that can be played. The problem with data DVD is that it can be operated on PC and computers and can be played using certain media players. But these DVDs cannot be played by your DVD player. In order for your DVD players to play these DVDs, you need to burn the DVD disc. For that, you must first know how to burn DVDs on Mac to play on DVD player. Before we move on to know how to do this, make sure you fulfill the following requirement.

  • To burn video files on Mac to playable DVD, you will require a DVD burning software program to help you know how to burn DVD on Mac.
  • You will require source media files ready as per your needs. It is better to get the source files in the file format compatible with the DVD burning software. If these source files are not compatible, you can use a converter tool in order to convert the files into incompatible formats.
  • In addition to the above requirements, you will also need a DVD recorder drive on your device. In this case, where we are focusing on Mac, this drive is called SuperDrive. In addition to this, users can also use an external DVD drive connected to Mac for burning.
  • Obviously, if you wish to burn a DVD disc, rewritable DVD discs or blank writable DVD discs must be present.
  • Lastly, the process of burning DVDs needs sufficient hard drive memory. Burning will work only when the burning tool detects sufficient hard drive memory on your Mac.

DVDFab DVD Creator for Burning DVDs on Mac

Now that you have all the basic requirements, only one thing is missing: Mac DVD burns software. And what could be a better option other than DVDFab DVD Creator? This tool is the best DVD burning tool for Mac and is able to create DVD disc, ISO, or folder from any well-known video format. It lets you make your own DVD menu via stylish templates and personalized options.


  • Able to burn media to DVD disc

DVDFab DVD Creator lets you burn videos to DVD so that they can be saved and used in the future. This is useful if you need to watch the media on your PC or other players. All you have to do is save the DVD video as an ISO image or folder on HDD for playback.

  • Personalized DVD templates

With DVDFab DVD Creator, navigation becomes a child’s play. It has various sets of static and dynamic menu templates to make the DVD burning process outstanding. The built-in menu library together with stylish templates are updated regularly for users. In addition to this, the tool allows users to switch audio tracks and subtitles, thereby making sure you can create DVDs that support multiple languages.

  • Supports video format

DVDFab DVD Creator can also create DVDs from more than 200 video formats such as MP4, M2TS, AVI, MOV, MKV, Xvid, FLV, TS, and VOB, among others. Users can burn any DVD from different videos to play it on any supporting device.

  • Fast burning speed

DVDFab DVD Creator allows you to burn different videos to one DVD simultaneously. Moreover, the advanced GPU acceleration technologies such as NVIDIA CUDA, IQS (Intel Quick Sync), Multi-core CPU, Video ToolBox (macOS), and AMD, make it possible for users to burn DVD with 50x faster speed.

  • High-quality output

DVDFab DVD Creator provides high-quality output as well as an outstanding watching experience. The end result is a high-quality video that is compatible with home DVD players, PS5, and Xbox, or other media player tools.

How to Burn a DVD on a Mac?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to know how to burn a DVD on a Mac using this free DVD burn Mac tool.

  1. Download, install and launch DVDFab on your PC.
  2. Choose the Creator option from the option bar present at the top.
  3. Now, go to Creator Mode Switcher >> DVD Creator.
  4. Upload the source video you wish to burn using the Add button present on the main page

burn dvd mac

5. When the source video is uploaded, click the Wrench icon and select the output quality and size you wish.

how to burn a dvd on a mac

6. Choose the output folder in Save to Path, and tap the Start option to start burning your DVD.

How to Burn DVD Using Disk Utility

Users can also use the Disk Utility to burn DVDs on Mac. Disk Utility is a program that is built into the Mac operating system that can perform tons of useful actions. With this application, users can easily burn and convert ISO image files to playable DVD disc on Mac. All you need to do is follow the below guide to know how to use Disk Utility to burn DVD on Mac:

  1. On you, Mac, go to the Finder and select a disk image file.
  2. Pull down the File menu and select Burn Disk Image (Name) to Disc option.
  3. Insert a blank DVD into the drive.
  4. Now, click on the "Burn" option.

how to burn dvds on mac to play in dvd player


Why won't my Mac let me burn DVDs?

If your Mac won’t allow you to burn DVDs, then make sure you have all the things in place. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements need to burn a DVD on Mac. You can refer to the above article where the list of prerequisites is mentioned.

Can you still burn CDs on iTunes?

If your playlist has iTunes Store purchases, you can burn it to a CD or DVD as many times as you wish as long as all the items fall under iTunes Plus songs.

How do I burn a CD on my Mac without iTunes?

You can either use the Disk Utility application or DVDFab DVD Creator to burn your DVD on Mac without using iTunes.


Having said that, we just had a look at the different ways to know how to burn DVDs on Mac to play on DVD player. We first saw what are the basic requirement to burn a DVD on Mac. Next, we saw that DVDFab DVD Creator is the best tool to burn DVDs on Mac. We also had a look at the features of the tools in detail. Lastly, we saw that DVD can be burned using the Disk Utility application on Mac.

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