Top 5 Best VPN for Android

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When it comes to VPN, it can enable users to extend their private networks across public networks. Under the circumstances, the best free VPN for Android emerges as a significant choice for users. In this post, the best Android VPNs will be given to you.

Nord VPN

As the top best VPN for Android, unlike the other VPNs, Nord VPN provides users with almost everything they need. A diverse and large collection of servers and an arsenal of advanced tools differentiate the best VPN app for Android from the others. Meanwhile, Nord VPN is capable of improving privacy with its additional tools. Also, the best free unlimited VPN for Android supports multihop connections and split-tunneling. However, its high cost also brings more concerns over users.

best vpn for android nord vpn


  1. The best VPN app for Android saves your personal data and privacy from leaking
  2. The best Android VPN application protects users’ private information when connecting to public WIFI
  3. The best VPN for Android has a large server base so as to meet almost all your needs


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Blazing-fast connection speed
  • Strong WireGuard VPN technology
  • All-round privacy protection
  • Available for different devices with varied operating systems, whether PC or mobile devices


  • No router app
  • Occasionally cramped user interface
  • High cost with the paid version


The best Android VPN application mainly provides a commercial VPN service. Except for enabling its clients to use over 75 different IP addresses, the best VPN app for Android can also hide users’ IP addresses for protecting their personal data and privacy from risks. Besides, the best VPN for Android is capable of securing all the internet connections that you want to get. In our daily, we can see a number of people tend to connect to public WIFI for getting high-speed and better surfing experience. however, public WIFI also makes you exposed to risks of personal information leaking. Meanwhile, the best VPN app for Android enables users to combat online censorship to avoid negative online experiences. The best Android VPN app is able to combat undue or unreasonable restrictions for wider Internet free space.

best android vpn ipvanish


  1. IPv6 and DNS leak protection
  2. Internet kill switch
  3. Strong encryption capability with advanced technology


  • Good availability with Android devices
  • Tough in security with 256-bit encryption
  • Available for streaming 8k videos
  • Good price without long lock-in periods
  • A large server base in more than 75 regions


  • Not enough optimized servers
  • Not perfect customer support


As a Swiss-based VPN service, the best free Android VPN PrivadoVPN is protected by Swiss Privacy Laws. Therefore, users are entitled to safely access their desired content anywhere at any time on the planet. No other free VPN offers as much as the PrivadoVPN Free service.

Once downloaded on your mobile devices, the best VPN app for Android can automatically connect to the VPN server with the fastest surfing speed according to your location. Also, you can choose IP Addresses from 490 servers in 44 countries. In addition to that, the best free VPN app for Android has a free plan. Although it has a VPN traffic limitation of 10GB monthly, users are accessible to 12 global servers.

best vpn android app privadovpn


  1. The best VPN Android app empowers users to stream movies, music, and videos wherever they stay at ease and safe.
  2. The best VPN Android free of charge allows users to connect all of their favorite services with stable connections.
  3. The best free VPN for Android provides users access to privacy with 256-bit-AES encryption technology.


  • Available for varied platforms, Android in particular
  • Equipped with the IKEv2 and OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) connection protocols
  • Simplistic user interface and easy operating steps


  • It doesn’t support dedicated IPs
  • No WireGuard protocol
  • The dashboard window cannot be adjusted

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN, the best free VPN for Android, provides users with 8 ways to make a user’s life better. It covers so many fields including music, social networks, streaming, privacy, torrents, security, money-saver, and multi-sever. With the best VPN free for Android, clients don’t worry about their own data and privacy being tracked. Plus, the best free VPN Android application is capable of helping you stay safe when you are exposed to public networks. What’s more, it can ensure your online banking is secure and convenient. It means that your sensitive data, such as bank or credit card data, will be protected from leaking. The best free VPN for android, Avira Phantom VPN, also has a pro version. In case you can choose a custom location to bypass geo-restrictions and regional censorship.

best android vpn app avira phantom vpn


  1. The best VPN for Android is able to protect your privacy and personal data from being exposed.
  2. Best known for its unlimited data, it becomes ideal for streaming and enables users to watch their favorite shows at any time from anywhere.
  3. The best VPN for Android has a no-log policy and doesn’t save what websites you visit.
  4. The best Android VPN supports different devices, including laptops, smartphones, or tablets. If its free version cannot fulfill your needs, you can turn to Avira Phantom VPN Pro to enjoy richer features and a better experience.


  • Stable VPN speeds
  • Working kill switch
  • High-quality and military encryption with advanced technology
  • WireGuard tunneling protocol


  • It doesn’t support many streaming services
  • Small server fleet
  • Free version with limited features

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

Kaspersky Secure Connection, the best VPN for Android free of charge, has been regarded as one of the most recognizable ones in the VPN industry with offering customers a simple, affordable VPN. This application is a licensed version of Hotspot Shield. Under the circumstances, its secure connection applies the server infrastructure of Hotspot Shield. But different from that, the best Android VPN free of charge provides users with a different set of functions, a brand-new interface, and an affordable price. Besides, it also has a free plan with 200MB per day. Of course, you can also choose its paid version to have a better surfing experience. Paid subscriptions to the best Android free VPN are well below the average industry.

best vpn app for android free


  1. It enables customers to feel truly safe online with its AI-driven protection against ransomware, the latest viruses, and other cybercriminals.
  2. In addition to its all-around protection for a customer’s home, it also safeguards an organization’s business privacy and commercial data against cyber threats.


  • High-level security guarantee
  • High-speed connection speed and stable loading service
  • User's IP will be masked and their devices and geolocation cannot be identified
  • No activity log, ensuring your search and browse activity not being recorded


  • A not very large server base
  • No additional privacy features
  • Dissatisfied speed testing results
  • No discount for purchasing with other products

Wrapping Up

As for what is the best VPN for Android, I believe you will find an optimal one among these VPNs mentioned above. If you are still looking for what is the best free VPN for Android, this post will also help you a lot. Based on different devices, VPNs have different performances. Therefore, it is a proper and suitable VPN that perfectly adapts to your system. If you’re an IOS user, you can turn to the official sites of these VPNs to check out whether they are available or not.

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