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DVDFab All-In-One
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Are you in need of the best free video player to stream all kinds of media content, be it disc movies, video, or audio files? Your computer or laptop must have a pre-installed video player already. However, many video players fail to support different file formats to stream videos and force you to trap in installing codecs or plug-ins, introducing virus threats and malware.

Therefore, we have researched and come up with the below list of the best video player that is safe to use on any device. They are equipped with impressive functions to enhance your watching experience and promote the joy of entertainment without installing any other software.

So, let’s catch up with the best video player available on the internet without further ado.

1. DVDFab Player 6

If the pre-installed video player of your laptop or PC isn't compatible with multiple video formats. Then, it's time to get the DVDFab Player 6 video player for all your entertainment needs. This DVDFab player software supports hundreds of audio and video formats, eliminating the need of downloading additional codecs or plug-ins for support.

Furthermore, DVDFab Player 6 is the best video player accessible to all Windows and Mac devices, playing videos without buffering. It encourages you to indulge in the joy of your favorite movies without compromising the quality. In addition, it allows saving, managing, and organizing all your media files under the media library, with the designed posters for easy browsing.

Now, you don't have to worry about playing Blu-rays, CDs, DVDs, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays on your systems. This best video player for Mac and Windows takes care of all the audio and video requirements in its Standard and Ultra packages.

Best video player for Windows 10 and Mac


  • Playback DVDs and (4K UHD) Blu-rays with menu support
  • Easy navigation and management with Media Library
  • HDR10 support and Dolby Atmos audio output
  • Best video player for 3D content of all formats
  • Unlimited audio and video format support including 4K and HEVC
  • PC and TV modes designed for small and large screens
  • Customized options for playback like adjustable thumbnails and playlist settings
  • Fast loading and processing speed


  • The Ultra package is incredible but a little expensive.
  • The free version has some limits for playback

2. VLC Media Player

All the streaming lovers who are are fond of downloading and playing videos on PC must have heard about this convenient and best free video player. The VLC media player has been a fantastic open-source tool to play, download, and edit files of almost all formats available to date.

With the user-friendly interface, it can entertain any multimedia file you want. Besides, it doesn't demand to download any third-party software or codecs to play specific files and has no subscription charges to bother you. In addition, you would not experience any lagging, buffering, or awful video/audio quality while streaming on the VLC media player.

Moreover, the VLC media player also allows editing, converting formats, or capturing screenshots out of the movies. Fortunately, it can be easily accessible on Windows, Android, and Mac devices effortlessly. Due to its fast speed and many surprising built-in features, it has been known as the best video player for Android.

Best free video player for Windows and Mac


  • Does not require additional codecs and plug-ins downloading
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Free
  • Support almost all existing media format
  • Fast playing, processing, editing, and downloading
  • Safe to download on your devices


  • No menu navigation option for disc playback.
  • To play files, you have to open them directly from their respective folders
  • Tags and interface customization not available

3. GOM Player

Looking for a fast and best video player for Windows 10 is no longer a hectic task because GOM player will come to your rescue. It is reliable and free software to trust with all your physical media. It is compatible with different file formats to open doors of unlimited streaming for you.

The GOM Player would assist all the CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays with the TS, MPG, AVI, FLV, MKV, and many other file formats. You can also download the software for playing playlists with the .pls and .asx format. It won't ask you to download any third-party software for incorporating support.

This best video player for Windows keeps its interface simple and easy to understand to cater to beginners and professionals under one roof. You can customize the screen and drag the valuable features you frequently use for quick access. Besides, it is entirely free to download and use on your Windows.

best video player for Windows


  • Compatible with numerous file formats
  • Best to play MKV files
  • Free download and usage
  • It supports 360 video view


  • Limited features

4. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a powerful and best Mac video player available for managing and streaming a vast collection of videos. You can customize your personal video library in the software, which helps you find the right video quickly. Also, the 5KPlayer supports 360-degree video viewing support along with up to 8K resolution that enhances the streaming experience, making certain videos worth enjoying on your smart devices.

Thanks to Mac's free best video player, you can stream YouTube videos from the software and use Apple AirPlay to stream and share them on different devices. Besides, you can play videos supporting any format on 5KPlayer. It integrates all the codecs required for playing different videos, providing a seamless viewing experience to its users.

The speed and other features are a phenomenal update to the VLC media player. Still, the ads pop-ups during the settings or browsing content could be annoying.

best video player for Mac


  • Elegant interface
  • Supports 8K resolution
  • 360-degree view support
  • Compatible with all the file formats
  • Amazing streaming quality


  • Ads could be irritating

5. SM Player

SM Player is another powerful solution to all your media problems. It is designed specifically for all users who find it challenging to find 3 in 1 platform to stream audio, video, and radio. Yes, you can expect to watch Live videos, downloading them, and enjoy several radio channels through one platform.

It is the best Android video player available for satisfying your streaming and listening requirements. It offers support to several formats including, MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and others. The built-in features of the software like playlist customization, fetching, and adjusting subtitles from the internet are appealing.

Moreover, you can expect few editing tools within the best video player Android, like display betterment and screenshotting tools. Though it is free and fast enough to stream videos without lagging and there will be no annoying ads to disturb you in the middle of your favorite videos. Listening to live radio while editing video could be a bonus point for this video player.

best video player for Android


  • Open-source video player
  • It is compatible with all the latest versions of Android
  • Allows streaming YouTube videos from software
  • It can fetch and design subtitles from the internet
  • Free to use


  • The interface is quite complex for beginners


Which is the best video player for Windows 10?

You can trust VideoLan VLC Media Player and 5KPlayer to stream, download, and edit videos entirely free. They offer hundreds of file format support and stream videos without ruining their quality. But for the sake of a cinema-like viewing experience, you are advised to choose DVDFab Player 6 since it is an inclusive media player for all kinds of media files. Really worthwhile and trustworthy.

Are all the video players are safe to use?

All the video players mentioned above are entirely safe to download and use on your devices. This software doesn't require any third-party support to run on your system. Thus, safe and free from malware. But mind the pop-up ads while streaming movies.

What are the features we should expect from the best video player?

Apart from supporting all the file formats for convenient streaming, you can expect basic editing tools, soundtracks, subtitles adjustments, and a user-friendly interface from the best video player. Their accessibility to use from any device would be a bonus point. However, if you long for professional video edits, you might as well turn to the best video editing software in the market.


The journey of finding the best video player ends here because we have reviewed the famous, trustworthy, and safe video players for you. Some of them let you stream, edit and download your favorite videos in high quality without any hassle.

We realize the fact that the need for the best free video players wouldn’t end anytime soon. With the significant number of video players available in the market, it can be not very clear for consumers to choose the best and reliable one. This article helps you explore the best free video player available with appealing features. If you are a Windows user, take advantage of the above best Windows video player.

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