Beats Studio Buds Review: Release Date, Features, Pros & Cons

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Beats Studio Buds Review: Release Date, Features, Pros & Cons

beats studio buds

It's no shock that Apple's worst-kept secret, The Beats Studio Buds, has been worn by famous athletes and spread in advance. There was much suspense created before their authorized departure date.

The Beats Studio Buds are excellent wireless earbuds for Apple users to get that high class of sound in every kind of music, pop or classic. With dynamic beats studio buds true wireless noise-canceling earphones feature and approval from Apple's Spatial Audio, you can enjoy your desired playlist without any interference or loss of quality.

Beats Studio Buds Vs. Airpods Pro

Beats Studio Buds Vs. Airpods Pro

The new Beats Studio Buds by Apple are earbuds that come in a flawless design and offer noise cancellation. We get some critical dissimilarities between beats studio buds and AirPods pro. So, we figured to compare these two amazing products and describe their both similarities and dissimilarities in the following section;


The AirPods pro vs. beats studio buds have the following similarities;

  • Both have the same material in their design as they possess silicon in their tips.
  • The upcoming beats studio has the same noise cancellation feature as AirPods that gives a smooth soundtrack.
  • Both contain the same charging case with the same method of function and smaller volume that can be set in your backpack's little pocket. The beats studio buds container looks slightly longer and oval.


The beats studio buds vs. AirPods have the following dissimilarities;

Beats studio buds

  • These earbuds have efficient smaller bodies than AirPods.
  • Beats studio buds have a more rigid and durable structure.
  • These buds have an extra battery span between 15 to 24 hours. This timing can be changed according to your use.
  • The price rate is the biggest difference between these earbuds.
  • Beats studio can respond to both iPhone and Android.
  • It does not contain an H1 chip.

AirPods Pro

  • Users find it more flawless, comfortable.
  • It has a better solid seal.
  • AirPods possess an H1 chip that adds a feature of cross-device switching.
  • AirPods respond to only Apple's mobile phone and other devices.
  • It cost higher than the beats studio buds.

Beats Studio Buds Release Date & Price

Beats Studio Buds Release Date & Price

The new Apple product was released on June 24, 2021. These earbuds cost only 149.99 dollars or 199.95 AU$. Their cost makes them cheaper than AirPods with almost similar features. Especially the beats studio has the same premium feature of noise cancellation. And the AirPods with this feature cost 249 dollars, which is much higher than the latest product.

You may decide to purchase the older version AirPods but remember that beats studio earbuds can be applied to other than Apple devices.

Beats Studio Buds Case: Structure and Design

Beats Studio Buds Release Date & Price

The new era of truly wireless earbuds from Apple is here, and they come in an elegant case that is practically as small as the actual product itself. The egg-shaped design is better than Google Pixel Buds Series A, with one USB C port on the bottom for charging or syncing your device. It's status LED lights at the front side awake when turned on.

The Studio Buds are rated IPX4, meaning they resist sweat but not water. So, you can carry these earbuds to the gym for a fast workout without fearing getting them wet. But they won't be bearing swimming with you so avoid at the beachside.

The kit includes a USB-C charging cable and additional ear-tips for further sizes. The tips are made of silicon rather than foam, making you uneasy. The product offers only two additional sizes.

The Buds come in both Android and iPhone versions. All you have to do is open up the kit near your device of choice, and they will pop right out onto the screen.

Beats Studio Buds Performance

beats studio buds - performance

After selecting the perfect fit, turn on your earbuds and start listening. The Buds are a superb choice if you want high-quality music without any disturbance. Unlike prior versions of beats and headphones that bash your ears with throbbing noise, these new beats studio buds have vibrant sound rates and don't tire the listener by soaking out other elements like melody or pop.

The noise-canceling quality is a pleasant complement to these earbuds. But it is not as practical compared with Sony and Bose. This might be because they have had years of experience optimizing their technique for this noise cancellation feature.

The Studio Buds are a great office companion, ensuring that you never have to listen to the boring conversation in your work environment. But it's probably not going satisfactory when it is similar to other sound-based disturbances like an airplane's jet engine or even ear ringing.

How to Charge Beats Studio Buds?

How to charge beats studio buds

If you need to charge your earbuds, just put them in the beats studio buds charger kit and connect the kit with any power source through a specific USB cable of earbuds. This USB cable is also available in your buds kit, so you don't need to purchase it separately.

How much charge do your Beats Studio Buds have?

  • On Apple's products like iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can find battery percentage in the "Today View" section.
  • On Mac, just hit the Bluetooth option on the upper-right corner, choose Beats studio buds to check the earbud's battery percentage.
  • On Android, you can find the battery % of your buds at the Beats app for Android.

If you can't charge the Beats Studio Buds, please try the following solutions.

  • Set the buds in their charging kit again properly.
  • Change the power source or cable.
  • Contact Apple's customer service if not find any other solution.

Features, Pros & Cons of Beats Studio Buds


features of beats studio buds

  • Beats studio buds can entertain you with Apple Music's multidimensional sound with authorized Spatial Audio.
  • The headphones will automatically play Dolby Atmos for available tracks mixed in this arrangement.
  • Beats Studio Buds have one-touch pairing for both iPhones, Android phones alike.
  • You can even use Siri hands-free by stating, "Hey Siri."
  • While using beats studio buds, scroll left to your phone's gadgets, and you will see just a circle light up with green, indicating battery life.
  • We might have criticized Beats for not supplying EQ tweaks for their music, but it is not an essential feature.
  • The new beats studio has no H1 chip, but it does come with Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility.
  • You cannot contact pairing with multiple devices for automatic switching.
  • However, three listening modes are available: Active Noise Canceling (ANC), Transparency mode, and ANC off.
  • The six-mic setup on these buds performs a great job at screening out air noise for vocal clearness, completing it with dual beamforming microphones on each earbud.
  • The new Beats Studio buds are the first to support FindMy in both iOS and Android. This means you can use their last known location.
  • The transparency mode allows you to hear the sounds of your surroundings while listening through these earbuds, and it's equally practical at selecting what is happening around us.
  • The ANC quality is progressive at canceling lower noise. However, it is impossible to reach levels other than 'on' or off.

After experiencing all the above features, you can easily see why the Beats Studio Buds are such a sensation. They sound great and deliver active noise cancellation, making them cozy for all-day wear without fatigue. The only disadvantage is their low call quality then other headphones brands and the absence of an H1 chip.


  • The sound quality is fantastic.
  • It is relaxing to wear and has dynamic noise cancellation so you can entertain yourself with music in dull, boring surroundings.


  • The ANC is weak and performs poorly.
  • The lack of call quality is disappointing.
  • There is no H1 Wireless chip for your needs.

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