The Best Beat Making software 2023

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Do you want to design your own audio or want to make your own beats? What is stopping you to give your thoughts proper action? Well, start with understanding the best free beat making software available for you at a particular time might be as good as a paid one. You can easily create your rap, dubstep, vocals, and other types of music beat with online software that you can purchase for free and use right away on your pc.

Learning to make beats is very simple, you just need to know how to use some tools and which paid or free beat making software is the best for you. This article will help you discover the best beat making software for beginners amidst a range of so many options.

Top 10 Beat Making Software For You

1. Magix Music maker

beat making software

If you are planning to create your own audio with beats, Magix Music Maker is a great digital beat making software for you. It gives you a professional touch at a very affordable rate with easy usage. Magix has been into developing beat-making software for years and has received various rewards.

With Magix, you can easily create your own beats with just a few clicks. You can consider it as the best beat-making software for beginners, as it brings to you multiple tutorials for you to learn.

Why choose Magix- Pros?

  • Compatible with PC

Magix has an operating system that works with Mac and PC. It works well with all versions of Windows- 7, 8, and 10 and works with MIDI devices to create beats with free sounds and loops.

  • Provides online tutorials

There are different versions of the software, but no matter whatsoever you choose, you can easily start as a beginner and develop eventually as they have some genuinely helpful online tutorials for you.

  • Very affordable and professional

MAGIX is not that expensive when compared to others, however, it adds a professional touch to your system and brings to you multiple features.

  • Money-Back guarantee

If you don’t find your beat-making software up to your expectations, you can always claim a refund.


  • Too basic for some of the users.
  • Affordable but not free of cost like some of the other software.

2. Gismart Beat Maker

free beat making software: Gismart Beat Maker

The Gismart beat maker software is app-based available on both Apple and Android systems. Gismart beat maker is a good beat-making software that utilizes a common grid system to create your beats intuitively. The software is ideal for beginners wanting to learn new ways of beat making, the software offers loops and preset beats to aggravate your vocals.

Gismart allows for up to five effects which have to be applied to each beat or pad with audio editing. You can use these effects to hone your beat-making and mixing skills.

Why Gismart- Pros

  • While other software needs a subscription, Gismart is the best free beat-making software available for you.
  • Very easy to create beats on the proper move and with audio effects.
  • The simple user interface and creative design make beat making very facilitating.
  • Simplistic for the usage of beginners.
  • There is a variety of audio effects for you which makes your beats productive.


  • Very simple for professional usage.
  • Ads and pop-ups disrupt the smooth functioning of your beat mixing.

3. Ableton Live 11: Best Beat Making Software for EDM Producers

best beat making software: Ableton Live 11

Ableton Live 11 is the best digital beat-making software for EDM producers, rated 4.5 stars. It has the finest selection of synth plugins and electronic drums, these are the most essential instruments for EDM producers. The user interface is comparatively different from others, but as you get a hang of it gradually, you will love it.

When you have already produced a track in the software, you can now use the hardware control mechanics to launch your samples, record those beats, and adjust tempo accordingly. Ableton allows you to take multiple takes of your audio, listen to them, and select the best among them and insert the best sounding tracks.

The software has added MIDI Polyphonic Expressions for the artists so that they can assert more control over sound effects and the expressiveness of audio notes.

Why Ableton Live 11- Pros

  • Supports Operating System- Mac and PC facilitate MIDI and include custom drum kits.
  • It brings to you high-quality virtual instruments and sound notes for EDM producers.
  • It is a good beat making software free for its utilization by any user.
  • Has an amazing capture feature along with excellent sound effects.
  • Ableton can be considered as the best beat-making software for Mac and also the best beat-making software for PC.


  • Learning in Ableton can be slightly difficult with advanced features.
  • The user interface is different from other beat-making software which makes it complex for beginners.

4. Waveform Free

beat making software free: Wavefrom Free

Waveform Free rated 4.5 stars is an offering to its users for the DAW look. Waveform gives you a facility to produce unlimited tracks while other DAW software doesn’t allow you to do so. It really helps the sound engineers for working with multiple track recordings to add audio layers to their soundtracks.

Waveform free has taken a paradigm shift from its company to have developed this free version of beat-making software. There are no artificial limits to any third-party plugin feature along with an amazing interface. It gives you full automation for free, making it the best beat making software free download for you enabling a range of functionalities.

Why Waveform Free- Pros

  • Facilitates VST plugins, that is unlimited access to sound effects and instruments.
  • Completely free beat-making software so you can avail all the features without paying anything.
  • Works on both Operating systems Mac and PC.
  • Efficiently generated MIDI pattern for its users.
  • Streamlined UI


  • Plugins are fewer than the pro version.

5. Intua

best beat making software free: Intua

The Intua beat-making software rated 4.7 stars is the one that all professional sound developers are in search of. If you are looking for expandable studio availability from the comfort of your smartphones, Intua is the one for you. The well-integrated app involves features like AUv3 and IAA support, MIDI functionality, precise sequencing and sound mixing, and flexible screens. It is probably one of the top-rated beat making software for PC online.

With the affordable price you pay, you lay your hands on the sound instruments and beats with the possibility of remixing tracks. It also provides you with a full-fledged sound library offering soundtracks of multiple genres with professional samples.

Why Intua- Pros

  • Intua gives a complete professional touch with high-tech facilities and quite a range of soundtracks available for you.
  • App-based software which makes beat-making easy for you.
  • MIDI compatibility for establishing soundtracks of your own kind, and enormous features.


  • It is not the best built-in beat-making software to use.
  • Available only in an app format that is compatible with IOS 9.3+.
  • It is not free of cost.

Final Words

So here are the best 5 beat making software for you. For the beginners who want to plunge into the world of beats but are confused about how to start and from where to begin, just follow this article and you will slowly get a hang of what are your needs and what is the best beat making software for MAC that you can download.

If you are dedicated and determined to set into the realm of sound and music, don’t procrastinate, just set in and choose the best one for you.

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