Best Ways to Download Discovery Plus Videos on any Devices

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Are you looking for the best Discovery Plus download tools that you can use? Are you wondering “how to download Discovery Plus videos?” You’re not alone. Discovery+ videos are currently available for download using third-party Discovery Plus downloader software that you need to install on your device.

What is Discovery Plus?

 Download Discovery Plus Videos

Discovery Plus is a new subscription-based video streaming service that gives you access to more than 55,000 episodes of more than 2,500 videos and shows from popular TV channels and brands. You can get access to many channels that include TLC, HGTV, Animal Planet, Food Network, Discovery Channel plus many more. The service continues to add more videos for you to enjoy day-in-day-out. If you’re looking for a streaming channel where you can watch Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, and any other BBC history shows, Discovery+ is the place to be.

However, being a relatively new service, many viewers outside the U.S, U.K, UAE, and a few other countries have to wait for the service to cover their countries. These viewers on the waiting list include everyone in Africa.

How to Download Discovery Plus Videos to Watch Offline?

Unlike many popular streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and the rest, Discovery+ doesn’t offer you a downloading feature on its official app. However, this is something that they are working on and we expect to see the feature soon, especially on Android and iOS devices. Even when the download feature finally gets rolled out, we expect that it will still come with download restrictions characteristic of all video streaming service providers. For example, we expect that Discovery+ will have restrictions on the following;

  • Number of downloads
  • How long the downloads can remain accessible in terms of days.
  • The storage app-specific section on your device for downloaded videos.
  • What is or isn’t available for download because of issues such as copyright or terms of service.

For the reasons mentioned, we are not going to venture much into the official Discovery+ app in terms of downloading Discovery+ videos. This is because we already know that you cannot currently use it for that purpose. However, Discovery+ is available for multiple devices that include smartphones, desktop browsers, tablets, laptops, Fire TV, and many more.

Then how do you download Discovery Plus videos without using the native official Discovery+ app on your devices? The only way here is to use the best third-party Discovery+ video downloaders. We are going to take you through the various Discovery+ downloaders, giving you only the best and suggesting a few more that you can try.

Best Discovery Plus Download Software: StreamFab Downloader

 Download Discovery Plus Videos

StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader is the best downloading software on the market today. The tool allows you to download any Discovery+ video in high quality and at a faster speed. The downloader provides some of the most revolutionary features that you can get to make your viewing experience bliss. These features include the following.

  • You can download all Discovery+ videos from anywhere in the world - Because StreamFab supports all Discovery+ regional sites.
  • Access to all Discovery Plus’s more than 55,000 videos - StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader makes it possible for you to download these videos within a short period.
  • Download in 1080p HD quality with AAC 2.0 audio tracks.
  • Supports MP4/MKV format video downloads - These formats are compatible with all playback devices.
  • Ability to remove annoying ads - If you’re on Discovery+ basic plan, you can use StreamFab Discovery+ Downloader to strip off ads from your downloaded videos.
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac devices.
  • Fast batch downloads complete with subtitles and metadata. - In a few minutes, you can download entire seasons of your favorite shows all at once.
  • The metadata downloaded here includes all the details of your downloaded video - These may be things like the movie title, the cast, the season, episode, and chapter among other attributes.
  • 100% clean and safe with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface

StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader is the most secure Discovery Plus downloader that you can get on the market today. Unlike many other SaaS companies that are only after money, StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader software providers sell value to their customers.


$49.99 monthly;

$59.99 yearly;

$79.99 lifetime

How to Download Discovery Plus Using StreamFab Downloader?

Using StreamFab to download Discovery Plus videos and shows is super easy. You only need to follow these straightforward steps;

1. Install and launch StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader on your device by clicking the butto below for both Windows and Mac systems.

►Win Download

►Mac Download

2. On the left of the interface, select VIP Services and go to Discovery+ on the right.

Download Discovery Plus Videos

3. Log in to your account on Discovery+ and select your favorite show or movie you wish to download.

4. Play the video, the video will be analyzed automatically, and then choose the download options accordingly.

5. If you want to download it later, click Add to Queue button. Otherwise, click Download Now to start immediately. The video will be saved on your computer's hard disk.

Download Discovery Plus Videos

Note that StreamFab Discovery+ Downloader is for personal use only. You can download up to 50 movies or shows per day or up to 350 per week.

Discovery Plus Download Using Online Downloader

Download Discovery Plus Videos

If you’re looking for a chance to download Discovery Plus videos and shows online without installing any software on your device, Online Downloader is the tool to go for. provides you with an opportunity to quickly download videos and audio from multiple streaming sites including Discovery+, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Yahoo, and many others. The process of using this Online Downloader is straightforward. All that is required of you is to go through these simple steps.

  1. log in to your Discovery+ account using your details.
  2. Search for your favorite video or show that you wish to download.
  3. Copy the URL of your selected video or show.
  4. Go to the Online Downloader using your computer or another device browser.
  5. On the provided space, paste the URL of the video or movie you copied earlier.
  6. Click the download button.
  7. The downloader will take it from there and you can save the downloaded file on your device.

This being an online tool, you will need an active internet connection. Additionally, there are a few other points that you need to note;

  • Online Downloader performs conversion of your streaming video into MP3 or Mp4 formats.
  • Conversion is done solely and natively on the downloader. There are no other parties and your download will be done from the Online Downloader servers.
  • It is therefore platform-independent and fairly safe to use.
  • It supports both Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs as well as iPhones.
  • The platform is free to use.
  • It’s fairly simple, fast, and dependable.

Before Using Online Discovery Plus Downloader Websites

Before you consider using online Discovery+ video downloaders, it is important to note that not all URLs can be converted. It’s also likely that some downloaders will redirect you to other partner websites that may interfere with your downloading activities. For these reasons and more, going for a software-based downloader is always the best option. This is because a local software installation provides a guarantee that there are never other website interferences.

Always invest in good antivirus software if you’ll ever consider using browser-based Discovery Plus downloader options. Once you use an online downloader, check to see whether your device is functioning normally. Also, check that your browser does not have unwanted or additional extensions. If you notice any unusual device functions, refrain from visiting that website. You can also consider restoring your device or running your antivirus software.

What More

The Discovery+ subscription plan

The Discovery Plus service currently offers you access to two different subscription packages.

Package with ads: $4.99 per month.

The ads-free package: $7 per month.

If you have no issues with watching ads while streaming, the $4.99 package should ideally be the right choice for you. The two plans are exactly similar, and the only difference between the two lies in the lack and presence of ads.

Which devices are compatible with Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Apple TV, Chromecast, Vizio smart TVs, Android/Google TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung smart TVs, Xbox consoles, and web browsers.

You may also get access to the promotional offers wherein you can get access to one year of free Discovery Plus streaming service. These promotional offers come quite frequently and go out of sight most of the time, and it would be advisable to check out the offers as frequently as you can, and if you are lucky enough, you may end up benefiting from the benefits.

Best Discovery Plus Download: Conclusion

Discovery Plus streaming service is relatively new in the market. For this reason, it lacks a download feature on its native official app. Because the app will finally roll out, it’s expected that, like all other streaming apps, it will still come with download restrictions. To go around these limitations we have provided the best third-party Discovery Plus video downloaders that you can use today.

There are a few best ways to download Discovery Plus Videos on any device. You can install powerful software on your device or you can use your device browser to access a downloader website. If you are one of those Discovery Plus content lovers that would like a one-off video download here and there, you can go for an online browser-based Discovery Plus downloader as we have mentioned above. But if you are an ardent Discovery Plus aficionado, installing a perfect Discovery+ downloader on your device is the best option.

According to expert reviews and personal experience, StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader is the best software to install and use when downloading Discovery Plus content.

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