How to Download a YouTube Audio on PC & Mobile Devices

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YouTube isn't just for watching videos; it contains a huge audio library of music and sound effects, as well as channels dedicated to them. This is the simplest guide to download audio from YouTube, whether you're a creator looking for royalty-free music and sound effects or you're a meditator looking for interesting recordings to listen to at your leisure.

For practically every type of video or Audio, YouTube is a must-have program. This includes anything from Vlogs to music to how-to videos. The Audio of a video may be more appealing than the visuals at times. That's when you'll need to understand how to download YouTube audio. This guide teaches you how to download audio from YouTube on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Just stick with us to know the perfect explanation of how to download YouTube music.

How To Download Youtube Audio To PC

Downloading Audio from YouTube on Mac and Windows can be done in various ways. We've included step-by-step guides for Windows and Mac users to save audio from YouTube.

How To Save Youtube Audio To My Computer

How to Download Music from YouTube on Mac & Windows using StreamFab?

Though numerous YouTube-to-MP3 converters are available on the Internet, many of them either don't function or contain malware-infected links. But StreamFab YouTube to MP3 is such a professional YouTube music downloader for Mac, with it, you could download YouTube music on Mac easily without any limitation. Besides, it could help you to batch download music titles, convert video to MP3 format, as well as download playlists directly.

Check for some of its best features below:

  • Convert Music MV Videos to MP3 - It could convert online YouTube videos in to the format of MP3 files with super high quality. That way, you could save your favorite MVs' audios from YouTube in MP3 and listen it on Mac offline while jogging, walking, doing chores and other things.
  • Download Metadata for Music Automatically - this downloader can download the metadata of YouTube music automatically, therefore when you play it on your laptop or mobile phones, it could retain all the info regarding cover art, artist, title, release date, etc.
  • Download a Single Music or a Playlist - this best YouTube audio downloader could help you to batch download the music by pasting a URL .txt file or directly downloading the YouTube playlist you created on your account.
  • Support Download Audio from Over 1000 Sites - you can check this out to know all the supported audio downloading sites.
  • Fast Speed and Conversion - Batch download mode with Turbo-speed feature makes your music downloading process fluent.

How to download YouTube music videos to MP3 files with StreamFab YouTube to MP3

Steps on how to Download audio from YouTube on Mac & Windows using it:

1. Install this best YouTube audio downloader software on your Mac or Windows by clicking the below icon.

►Mac Download

►Win Download

How to download YouTube music videos to MP3 files with StreamFab YouTube to MP3

2. After launching, you would a main page composed of popular websites including YouTube, hit the YouTube button to open the its website within this built-in browser, then login to your account. You could downloader a single song or a playlist, just find the target music titles that you’d like to download.

You could refer to the following 3 method to locate the music titles:

Method 1: Through built-in browser, it enables you to directly browse the website of YouTube, then you could search to find the music titles that you’d like to download.

Method 2: Copy and paste the URL of the original page into the search bar of this YouTube music downloader. Then, the video or music on that page shall be analyzed automatically.

Method 3: Try the feature of Paste URL. You could paste multiple URLs all together or upload a .txt file composed of video URLs in order to batch download YouTube music titles or videos.

3. After successful analysis of the music titles and the URLs, there would appear a Download button, click it and then choose to download Music, remember to select the audio quality you want from Super Quality, High Quality or Standard Quality. After all set, just click start to download your favorite YouTube music!

How to download YouTube audio  with StreamFab YouTube to MP3

 StreamFab YouTube to MP3 youtube audio downloader

Voila! Now you’ve grasped the key steps to download YouTube music in a batch downloading manner and quick speed powered by Turbo speed feature.

How to Save Audio from YouTube on PC Using Other YouTube Audio Downloaders:

1. iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube HD Video Downloader

The iTube HD Video Downloader is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to get free audio downloads from YouTube for Mac. From the iSkysoft website, you can get it. You can begin downloading YouTube audio as soon as the download is complete.

This is how you can save the audio from YouTube:

  1. Go to YouTube and click on the video you want to watch.
  2. You'll see a Download option at the top-left of the video. The various MP3 formats will be listed in a drop-down menu. Decide on your preferred method of delivery.
  3. iTube HD Video Downloader will begin downloading the Audio as soon as you do this.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

It is a free desktop application that extracts the audio from YouTube videos in a single click for your convenience.

4K YouTube to MP3 download music from youtube

Here's how to make use of it.

  1. Visit the 4K Download website and select "4K YouTube to MP3" from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. It doesn't matter if you're running Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), Mac OS X, or Ubuntu; you may download the appropriate version of the software by clicking the Download button.
  2. Once the 4K YouTube to MP3 download is complete, run the installer to begin the installation process. Then choose the Finish button to complete the process.
  3. If you don't wish to acquire a license to unlock the premium features, you won't see the "Not Activated" message when you open the software. There's a $15 edition of 4K YouTube to MP3. However, the free version allows you to download up to 30 audio files per day (but only one at a time). Select "Manage License" from the Tools menu and click "Get License" if you need unlimited downloads and wish to download three tracks at once.
  4. In any case, copy the URL of a copyright-free YouTube video. You can either copy the URL from your browser's address bar or click the Share button below the video and choose "Copy" next to the URL from the drop-down list.
  5. In the 4K YouTube to MP3 window, click the Paste Link button in the upper-left corner to paste a link from a YouTube video.
  6. You can search YouTube directly from 4K YouTube to MP3 as an alternative. It's as simple as clicking the search button at the bottom of the window and selecting "YouTube." This will open YouTube in the program's window, as well.
  7. Double-clicking a downloaded MP3 in 4K YouTube to MP3 will play it immediately. Open and play the downloaded file in another program or move it to a different location by clicking "Show in folder."
  8. 4K YouTube to MP3 automatically converts YouTube video audio to the "highest quality" and MP3 format by default, as well as downloading it. For both quality and format, pick Preferences from the Tools menu or the Control Panel icon in the upper-right corner of the program.
  9. You can adjust the default Audio quality of 4K YouTube to MP3 to High (320kbps), Medium (256kbps), or Low (256kbps) on the General tab of the Preferences window (128kbps). If you prefer to download your converted files in a different format, such as MP4 or OGG, you can change the default audio format to MP3 or OGG.

3. Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox save audio from Youtube

Using Parallels Toolbox, you may download all of your favorite music from the Internet, including music you've found on YouTube! Here's how you can do it.

  1. Open the Parallels Toolbox on the top toolbar of your screen.
  2. To access the drop-down menu, click Audio under the Library window.
  3. A pop-up with a download icon will show on the screen when you select Download Audio.
  4. When you open YouTube, type in the video's URL, and then drag it over to the download pop-up, you'll get the video.
  5. The Parallels window will display a list of all of your downloaded audio files after the download is complete. Make sure you only select the audio file you'd like to download by unchecking all the others. Select the files you want to download and press the Download Selected button.
  6. Your audio file will be stored on your PC automatically.

How to Download Audio from YouTube on Mobile

Both Google and Apple ban the use of YouTube audio downloaders from their app stores. Even though there are available solutions, they need you to jailbreak your mobile device or install programs from "unknown sources," and these workarounds offer stability and security issues.

For the best results, use YouTube to MP3 Converter, available on all major operating systems, including Android and iOS devices, and computers running Windows and Mac OS. Neither registration nor daily download limits are required, and the service is free.

How to Download Audio from YouTube on Android and iPhone using YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Let's find out how to make the most out of it.

  1. In the YouTube mobile app for Android or iOS, open a copyright-free video that you want to convert into an MP3 file. Select "Copy link" from the Share button.
  2. Make sure you have the YouTube to MP3 Downloader app open in your browser. Paste the URL into the search box and press the Go button.
  3. The video will begin to play on the website. Select "mp3 320kbps" from the drop-down menu to get the greatest sound quality.
  4. YouTube to MP3 Downloader will then convert the YouTube to an MP3 file by pressing the "Convert" button. A pop-up ad may prevent you from returning to the page.

Afterward, you can download the audio file to your device and play it on your preferred media player.

A QR code for the MP3 can be created and scanned by another phone, or you can save the file to Dropbox to save up disc space.

save audio from youtube


1. Is downloading audios from Youtube free?

You can download, remix and even use the music library on Youtube absolutely free. Besides this, the audio tracks that are MP3 files of 320 kbps are liable to be used for ‘any creative purposes’.

2. Is Youtube’s audio library royalty-free?

Yes, the audio library of Youtube is completely royalty-free. You got that right! A person can claim the original owner of audio.

3. Can I make changes or edit the Youtube audio library music?

Yes, you are free to edit, cut, and even repeat the parts of the audio, provided the music I snot the center of the video. This can bring you monetization issues.

4. Are youtube audio dwnloads illegal?

Legally, you can download your own YouTube videos, as well as public domain and non-copyrighted videos from YouTube. On the other hand, Copyrighted videos cannot be legally downloaded without the consent of the owner.

By the advice of YouTube's customer service department:

There is an option to download videos you've already posted to YouTube. You can't download a video that someone else has uploaded. Only your mobile device can save videos downloaded from the YouTube app.

Consider these considerations before you start downloading the audio files from your YouTube videos:

  • YouTube's rules of service prohibit the downloading and conversion of videos without the consent of the content creator.
  • Local or national copyright regulations may also apply to downloading videos.
  • To ensure that you are not infringing on the copyright of a film, song or podcast, you should verify that the rights holder allows YouTube to download Audio.
  • Reusing this Audio for commercial reasons necessitates citing the source.
  • As a better option, you can download royalty-free music from these top 8 sites to avoid breaking any of the numerous copyright regulations.


To download audio from YouTube, we've covered the process for Android, iPhone/iPad, and PC platforms. We highly recommend StreamFab YouTube to MP3 for users, a superb YouTube audio downloader that combines the YouTube viewing and downloading functions into one software. iPhone/iPad users should also consider YouTube to MP3 Converter. This tool can help you download audio from Youtube on Mac and Windows.

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