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Dailymotion is an online video-sharing website having around 300 million monthly unique users. On Dailymotion, you can find many videos just like on YouTube. But some videos that you can’t find on YouTube can be found on Dailymotion. So, you may be looking for a Dailymotion downloader to download your Dailymotion videos to MP4, Am I right?

If yes then sit back and just keep reading this article, in this article we are going to share some best Dailymotion downloaders that will let you convert and download Dailymotion videos in MP4 format. Check which one you like best among so many offline Dailymotion video downloaders and online ones, so as to download from Dailymotion on a desktop or smartphone easily.

Top 6 Dailymotion Video Downloaders in 2022

1. StreamFab YouTube Downloader

The first Dailymotion downloader I am going to introduce is StreamFab YouTube Downloader. It supports downloading Dailymotion videos to MP4 formats in high definition ranging from 360p to 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 8K.

There is a built-in browser that allows you to search and download not only your favorite Dailymotion videos but also videos from over 1000 websites easily, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can download a single Dailymotion video to MP4, or download a whole Dailymotion playlist fast. This Dailymotion downloader supports batch download, so you can complete all the Dailymotion download tasks with just one click and without quality loss. Now, how about checking how this Dailymotion to MP4 converter works to download Dailymotion videos free and fast?

Steps on how to download Dailymotion videos to MP4:

Step 1 — Free download and install StreamFab YouTube Downloader on your machine including Windows, Mac, or Android. This Dailymotion MP4 converter is absolutely safe and virus-free.

►Window Download

►Mac Download

►Android Download

Step 2 — Launch this free Dailymotion downloader, click the YouTube icon on the left pane and choose Dailymotion.

dalimotion downloader

Step 3Search for a video you want to download from Dailymotion and play it. Then a pop-up window will ask you to choose the download video and audio quality.

Step 4 — Tap on the Download button to start downloading Dailymotion to MP4.

Step 5Trace the downloading Dailymotion video(s). Once the download process starts, you can check the real-time status by clicking the Downloading tab from the left pane.

The following Dailymotion downloader I am going to introduce is downloading Dailymotion videos to MP4 online. There are 5 Dailymotion video downloaders to convert and download Dailymotion to MP4, which saves you from downloading any software on your PC or smartphone. Now, let's see the features of such online Dailymotion video downloaders.

2. Online Video Converter

Let's start with the con of this online Dailymotion video downloader. It displays ads when you download Dailymotion videos. Sometimes they are so annoying that they will automatically open the Google Play Store on your open. This is the only problem otherwise this online Dailymotion to MP4 downloader exceptionally good. To fix it, you can use an AdBlocker to prevent buggy ads. The good thing about this Dailymotion to MP4 converter is that it lets you download Dailymotion to MP4 in multiple video qualities and multiple formats. Here’s the quick tutorial below to download Dailymotion to MP4 using onlinevideoconverter.com.

Online video converter dailymotion video downloader

  • Go to the website www.onlinevideoconverter.com and click the button which says ‘Convert a video link or URL’.
  • Then enter the Dailymotion video link in the input field which says ‘Paste link here.’
  • Then click the ‘Format’ dropdown list and select ‘MP4’.
  • Then click ‘More Settings’ and select the ‘Video Quality’. You can also enter the ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ if you want to download only a particular part of that Dailymotion video.
  • Finally, click ‘START’ and convert your video online. After the conversion, you’ll be offered download links to download your Dailymotion to MP4 and save it on your desktop.

3. AVC Free Video Converter

AVC by Anvsoft is a free video converter that also provides a way to download Dailymotion videos. With the help of AVC Dailymotion downloader, you can download Dailymotion to MP4 within a few clicks. There are no settings to change, just input the Dailymotion video link and directly download the video in MP4, here’s how.

Download Dailymotion to MP4

Steps on Dailymotion MP4 download with AVC:

  • Download and install AVC free video converter
  • Open the program and click the ‘Add URL(s)’ tab.
  • Another dialog box will open asking you to input the video link to download Dailymotion to MP4.
  • Click the green ‘Plus’ button to add an input field then add your video link here.
  • After entering the Dailymotion video link, again click the green ‘Plus’ button to add another input field for entering another video’s link. This way you can batch download Dailymotion to MP4.
  • After adding links click the ‘Start Download’ button and wait till the download finishes.
  • Once the download finishes right click on the video and select ‘Open Destination File Location’ to locate the downloaded Dailymotion files.

4. Keepoffline.com

Keepoffline.com is an easy-to-use online website for downloading Dailymotion to MP4. There are no special settings to make and you only need the Dailymotion video link. It is a clean website and has no spammy ads. Simply go to the website and enter the Dailymotion video link. Hit the download button to get download links for multiple video resolutions. It is one of the most friendly Dailymotion downloaders online.

Dailymotion to MP4 video downloader

5. Keepdownloading.com

Keepdownloading.com is a clean website for downloading Dailymotion to MP4. Its default video conversion format is MP4 and it doesn’t support any other video format. This website doesn’t provide any customization options. Here’s a quick tutorial below for downloading Dailymotion to MP4 with this online Dailymotion downloader.

Dailymotion to MP4 converter online

  • Go to the website mentioned above and enter your Dailymotion video link just before the ‘Download’ button.
  • Then click ‘Download’. Wait a few seconds and then scroll down and click ‘MP4 unknown’ to download your video.

6. Saveclipbro.com

Saveclipbro.com is the most advanced online Dailymotion to MP4 converter and downloader. It provides a great list of advanced features like cutting, resizes video. You can also crop the video from different sides and can also change the aspect ratio. One interesting feature of saveclipbro is that it can mirror videos horizontally and vertically and can rotate the video by up to 270 degrees. And you are always given multiple download options like HD, Full HD etc. Would you like to download Dailymotion to MP4 with this online Dailymotion video downloader?

Download from Dailymotion

  • So simply go to this website and enter the Dailymotion video link.
  • Select the video resolution and set the format to ‘MP4’.
  • Click ‘Advanced Options’ if you want to change a few. Finally, click ‘Convert’. This will take some time to convert.
  • Once the conversion is complete you’ll get download links.


So, we just discussed the top 6 best tools to download Dailymotion to MP4. I hope you have liked them and will choose the one which works best for you. In pursuit of fast speed and batch Dailymotion download, StreamFab Video Downloader is your first choice.

If you choose to download Dailymotion online, the easy-to-use Dailymotion to MP4 online downloader and converter is the ‘online video converter’. It allows you to download Dailymotion videos in high-quality MP4 and have options to enter the time frames to download only a specific part of any video. Looking for a more advanced online Dailymotion to MP4 converter then check out ‘saveclipbro.com’ which has some of the best advanced options. If you want to be the simplest of all then go with ‘keepoffline.com’. Choose the best Dailymotion downloader in your mind and convert Dailymotion to MP4 easily on your PC or mobile.

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