Best Apple TV Plus Downloaders 2023

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Apple TV+ is a premium streaming service available in select regions and countries. The service offers on-demand titles across different genres, as well as provides its subscribers with Apple original content.

As with other premium streaming services, Apple TV+ users can actually download the movies they find on the platform for offline viewing. This feature is available on the mobile app, but it has pretty many limitations.

Thus, the best way to download Apple TV+ videos is using software solutions, codenamed Apple TV Plus Downloaders. This article reviews some of the best apps for downloading Apple TV+ content.

Section 1: Why Download Apple TV+ Videos for Offline Viewing?

It's predictable; sometimes we come across certain Apple TV movies that we'd love to watch over and again; thus, we'd want to download them to our local storage. Also, you may be following a series, and because you'd be getting on the go very soon, you may want to download the remaining episodes to stream them on the go.

Actually, everyone may have different reasons for wanting to download certain movies from a particular streaming platform, and if you’re an Apple TV subscriber, here are the best tools/apps to use.

Section 2: Top 3 Best Apple TV Plus Downloaders

Compared with services like Netflix, YouTube, ESPN+, and HBO Max, there are not too many Apple TV+ downloaders.

1. Using the Apple TV+ App

Apple TV Plus app


Price: $4.99/month

If you have the Apple TV Plus app installed on your mobile phone, you can save some videos for offline streaming. The Apple TV+ app includes a “Download” feature - visible on movies and shows that are eligible for offline streaming.

Yes, not all videos on Apple TV+ can be downloaded. So, if you don't find the "Download" button/icon when you open the movie page, it simply implies that the video is not eligible for offline streaming. But you can still download such movies using an Apple TV+ downloader software.

System Requirements:

  1. Mobile phone: iOS or Android device


  1. You can save multiple videos for offline streaming
  2. The app’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate
  3. You don’t need to download a third-party app to save your Apple TV+ videos


  1. Not all videos can be downloaded
  2. Offline videos expire after 30 days

2. StreamFab Apple TV+ Downloader

downloading movies, TV shows, and originals from the Apple TV Plus network


Price: $39.99/month

The StreamFab Apple TV+ Downloader is a complete solution for downloading movies, Apple TV shows, and originals from the Apple TV Plus network. This software app is available for Windows OS and macOS; it features a clear-cut interface and comes with a bunch of customizable tools.

StreamFab Apple TV+ Downloader lets you download all episodes of a series at once. It also allows you to choose how to save the subtitles of your Apple Plus movies; you can either save the subtitles as SRT or remux them into the downloaded videos.

Furthermore, this software app supports all regional versions of Apple TV+, which implies you can use it to download content from Apple TV+ UK, Apple TV+ DE, and all other supported regions.

To use this software to download Apple TV+ movies, simply download it on your PC, install, launch the app and open Apple TV+ from the “Streaming Services” page, log in to your account and play the movie you want to download.

System Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows 7 or later, and macOS 11.5 or later
  2. RAM: At least 4GB RAM
  3. Hard Drive: At least 5GB free space
  4. Processor: Intel Core i3 or above


  1. Very easy to use and fast in downloading
  2. Download multiple videos at a go
  3. Supports all regional versions of Apple TV+
  4. Saves your videos in MP4 format, along with their metadata info
  5. Available for MacBook and Windows PC


  1. It’s a little bit pricey

3. Audial Movie

download movies and shows from Apple TV Plus


Price: $29.90

The Audials Movie software is yet another tool you could use to download movies and shows from Apple TV Plus. However, this is not actually a "Downloader," instead is a professional streaming video recorder. In essence, what Audial Movies does is to record the movie(s) you're streaming on Apple TV+, and then save it to your local disk. The software supports quite a lot of streaming services, including the Peacock streaming service.

Well, this app is pretty easy to use, and it saves the recorded video in MP4 format, which implies that you can playback the file on any device, both mobile and PC. To use Audials Movie, download the software, install it on your PC, launch the app, open Apple TV+ from within the app, and start playing a movie. This recorder would record the entire movie and save it automatically.

System Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  2. RAM: At least 4GB RAM
  3. Hard Drive: At least 5GB free space
  4. Processor: Intel Core i3 or above


  1. Lets you to record other premium streaming services at no other cost
  2. The recordings are automatically saved in MP4 format
  3. Supports all regional versions of Apple TV+
  4. Compatible with PCs running Windows 7 or higher versions


  1. Does not support batch downloads
  2. You cannot save subtitles separately

Section 3: Editor's Pick

Actually, asides from these three solutions mentioned, there are no other tools or apps that allow you to download Apple TV Plus shows and movies. The streaming service is still new, and thus, there are not too many 3rd-party applications to download its content.

Now, from this list, the StreamFab Apple TV+ Downloader is the best choice. It removes all the limitations you may get by using the Apple TV+ app, and it allows you to download multiple videos at once, which is in contrast to the Audials Movie software.

Also, you don't have to wait for your video streams to play completely before they can be saved to your PC. With StreamFab Apple TV Plus downloader, once you hit the Play button on a movie, you'd get a prompt to download it immediately. Summarily, downloading the StreamFab Apple TV Plus downloader grants you access to other premium streaming services' downloaders offered by StreamFab. It is a complete solution for all Apple TV+ subscribers.

Note: You can get a good deal on StreamFab Apple TV Plus downloader by choosing the annual plan or lifetime plan.

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