10 Steps for Creating a Product Landing Page That Converts

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Most entrepreneurs find it difficult to create a landing page for their product. It is important to create a landing page that grabs attention and showcases your product. This seems like an impossible task.

But it doesn't have to be. Simple is best, as with all marketing.

There are proven principles that will help you create a landing page for your product, no matter if you're marketing a digital planner and body lotion.

How to create a landing page for a product that converts

These are the 10 steps that will make your landing page convert customers.

1. Your landing page's purpose

You must first define your goals for landing pages. Although increasing conversions should be a top priority, this goal is not the only one. Ask yourself what conversions are and how they relate to your business.

Your goal when creating landing pages for product sales is likely to be increasing sales and more profit. It could be encouraging customers who have recently bought a product to upgrade or subscribe to a higher level of membership.

You can write captivating headers, compelling CTAs, and keep a clear approach . .

This is an example of a fitness provider Glo, the copy has been written with a clear aim in mind––to tell customers what a subscription purchase can give them.

Glo's landing page for online yoga class

2. Make sure to write a catchy heading

Your landing page's heading will be the first thing your visitors read. You need to grab people's attention with compelling headlines that make them desire to find out more about your product.

Keep it simple. You need to strike a balance in describing the product clearly enough to convey what it is, but not too much.

Every word counts when you only have a limited space in which to communicate your message. Avoid filler words or fluff and write concise copy to encourage readers to click on your CTA button.

The heading for ExpressVPN does a fantastic job explaining the USP and establishing credibility as the #1 trusted leader. Customers will have an easy understanding of the features and reasons why ExpressVPN is better than other VPNs.

ExpressVPN‘s product landing page

3. Stay true to your brand voice

In your landing page copy, you should use the same branding voice as your website.

Personalization is another way to add personality and tone to landing pages. Be careful not to sound too loud or obnoxious.

You could, for example, use humor or rhetorical questions to laugh with your readers. A funny page can be a wonderful way to establish rapport with your customers and build a relationship.

CopyHackers This video does an excellent job at showing how humor can be used in copy to sell their product. The rhetorical question is a clever way to tap into the everyday concerns and thoughts of copywriters while still being humorous.

Copy Hacker's product landing page

4. Keep it simple

Great design is attractive to people. A landing page that is eye-catching and appealing will keep visitors engaged with your page, encouraging them to take the next step to get to your offer.

Keep it minimalistic and easily skimmable—landing pages are meant to be quick stops on your site that help achieve a specific goal. Do not use too many images or change color palettes.

Keep the page simple and easy to read by using a single color scheme, a small font size, and minimal text. Layout the page so the eye is drawn to it and not just across the page.

The landing pages for Skincare brand Curology are a wonderful example of well-balanced landing pages that adhere to consistent colors. The landing page has the perfect amount of text, with just enough whitespace and product images.

Curology’s landing page

5. One clear CTA

Keep in mind the goal of your landing pages. Write a clear CTA to direct customers to the relevant next steps.

Keep your CTA simple, clear, and easily readable. Here is your opportunity to explain to site visitors what you are looking for.

To keep your page's purpose in mind, only one CTA should be included on your landing pages. Customers will find it easier to navigate to your next page if you include a working live link and don't redirect them to different places.

Your CTAs should be simple and focused on the conversion goal. This will make it easier for people to find and click through your CTA without confusion.

Milk brand made without dairy Mooala. It has an easy-to-use CTA button, which tells customers to "shop now".

Mooala's product landing page

6. Consider including customer testimonials

Social proof is an effective way to encourage more people to buy your product. Potential customers will be able to see past buyers' reviews and can then convert.

New customers may view products without reviews as a potential risk. Potential customers will be more inclined to buy your product if they see other happy buyers.

Collect reviews via social media or third-party review websites. Then, you could choose the most comprehensive product reviews to display on your landing pages.

SEMrush is an SEO tool suite that lists Fortune 500 companies who have trusted their software. Below, they provide some customer testimonials in order to motivate those still unsure.

SEMrush's product landing page

7. Your form should be concise

Potential customers might be required to complete a form if your product requires customization or a subscription.

Your form should be concise, sweet, and simple to prevent customers from giving up before they've finished your form. Avoid bombarding customers with unnecessary questions and form fields. Instead, ask for the details that are necessary to ensure they receive a product they love.

Instead of filling out all the forms at once, choose a format that makes it easy for users to skip through questions. Because users aren't seeing 10 questions at once, they can move through the forms step-by-step.

BarkBox allows customers to easily answer questions about their dog before they can suggest the right product for them.

BarkBox's product landing page

8. Mobile-friendly

Mobile retail commerce accounted for 72.9% of worldwide retail eCommerce sales in 2021. Mobile-friendly product landing pages are a must. This number is expected to increase.

Create a landing page that is easy to reproduce on your mobile device. Instead of using landscape images with too little space, choose vertically-oriented photos that cover the entire length of your smartphone screen.

Your CTA should be easy to use from mobile devices, and your copy must be large enough for people to understand. This attention and tweaking will ensure that you maximize your mobile conversions.

The Helix mattress brand has created a landing page with clear information that highlights their best offers as well as a CTA that directs visitors to their bestsellers.

Helix's product landing page

9. To determine what works, use the A/B Test

It is a great way to find out which conversions are working and what does not.

It's important to test your landing pages and make improvements. To drill down into the data, you can use A/B Testing tools.

You can A/B-test your landing pages with tools like Unbounce to determine which ones work best. To identify the way people visit your landing pages, use Google Analytics. Use a heatmap tool such as Crazy Egg to determine which pages grab attention.

10. Make adjustments whenever possible

Improvements are always possible. There is no one secret ingredient to improving conversions. There are many tutorials and guides available, but none will help you as much as your personal system.

You need to constantly adjust and tweak your landing pages in order to increase your conversion rates. Don't be afraid of trying something different.

Create landing pages for products that can convert

It's both an art form and science to create a landing page for your product that converts. To make your company's landing page convert, you will need to combine originality with proven strategies.

It doesn't matter if you are building your first landing page for a product or have hundreds. You can always tweak and test your pages. It will take some trial and error before you discover the perfect formula to increase your conversions.

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