How To Watch Movies With Friends Online?

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Though Pandemic restricts us from going to cinemas with friends and family, we still have other alternatives to catch up with our loved ones and enjoy life like we used to. Visiting cinemas and catching up on lunch dates was one of them. But, even after the restrictions are over, we still get used to the pandemic times.

So, Suppose you're anything like me. You must relate; a few things bring me more joy than huddling up with my loved ones under a blanket on the couch, all snuggled up watching our favorite movie together. But let's face it – once in a while, someone has to make good on their invitation by providing an activity for everyone else to enjoy. And because not everyone is as nerdy about movies as I am (or has access to Netflix), this can sometimes be quite tricky.

How to watch movies online?

Except for a few streaming movies, most movies are released first in theatres, and then they come out on DVD and Blu-Ray months later. Nowadays, technology has caught up to the times where you can watch new releases as soon as they come out of film festivals or from somewhere else online.

These websites or online platforms let you stream or download new releases right away with almost no wait time. Also, you don't have to watch the movies alone because now you can stream all your favorite digital content with your friends online. Exciting, isn't it?

Here in the blog, we will try to address the most common concern of modern times: how to watch movies online with friends. Besides, we'll go over some of the best websites to watch movies online with friends and family!

Here we are up with the best movies website to watch online.

How to Watch Movies with Your Friends Online

We all love a good movie, but sometimes it's just not possible to find time in our busy lives to stream them. Thankfully, you can try these 4 awesome websites to binge-watch your favorite movies online with friends and kill that annoying distance between you guys! From the latest blockbusters to cult classics, there is something for everyone.

HULU Watch Party

For a limited time, you can now watch all of your favorite series from the comfort of your couch with a live streaming party. For those who have been too busy to hit up Hulu, now is the perfect chance. And for those who are more than willing to share their account information - HULU WATCH PARTY is how you can do so without breaking anything. Besides, no worries if you don't want to open your laptop or Tab for streaming movies because Hulu Watch Party is the perfect answer to your most-asked question: how to watch movies with friends online on phone.

how to watch movies with friends online

It's simply a party. You invite your friends and family to your online house, pop in your favorite show, and go wild. No, we're not talking about the type of party that ends up with fifty kids running around and pizza all over the couch. The goal is to watch the show together, enjoy it as a group, and raise pints and toast to your favorite characters or TV moments. The only change here is that you are watching Hulu.

In addition, you can still have all the fun of social media campaigns without any of the risks. The entire idea behind these parties is to get your friends to see what you're watching on Hulu


  • Movies and shows of different genre
  • Easy invitation to party via code
  • No glitch and quality ruining during screen sharing


  • Watch free movies with friends
  • Stream Any Content With Ease
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comfortability of Couch


  • This is a limited-time service in free

Disney + Groupwatch

how to watch movies online with friends

There is a new group for those who have found themselves expressing their extreme opinions on social media. DISNEY+ GROUP WATCH was created as a Disney-centric community where members can defend Disney movies and stars from nitpicking. It currently has just over 500 members as of this writing.

A Group Watch is a social media event where people watch a show on the same day and time. A Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr thread is created, and everyone watches it together. The idea with DISNEY+ GROUP WATCH is that they will all watch new releases from Disney. Such as HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE and LITTLE MERMAID: ARIEL'S BEGINNINGS during its first week of streaming. Hence, it addresses another most crucial concern while focusing on the Disney lover; how to watch movies with friends online Disney Plus and enjoy the most out of it in the busy times.

DISNEY+ GROUP WATCH has its own Tumblr blog, Disney+ Group Watch HQ, used for "having fun and drowning out the negativity." Users can submit memes, fan art, cosplay photos with custom graphics, and fanfic with prompts provided by fellow members.


  • The most popular Disney channel for all the freaks
  • It allows streaming any show while going live with your friends
  • Compatible with web browsers, mobile phones, smart TVs, etc.


  • Social Interaction
  • Perfect movie streaming
  • Watch Disney shows for free


  • Shows are limited

My Circle TV

Still, figuring how to watch movies with friends online free of cost? Well, you can consider another option we have.

how to watch movies with friends online on phone

Learn. Connect. Inspire. We call it MYCIRCLETV, and it's a new way of watching movies that allows you to watch movies online with friends on the phone or TV. It also brings people together to learn, connect and inspire one another. Join over 5,000 members from around the world who have learned to speak Spanish or repair a car engine.

MYCIRCLETV is a place where TV creators and talent meet with their audience for mutual learning and feedback...and it's free to watch! It's also a new opportunity for media makers to build social networks and learn about building an audience online.

MYCIRCLETV is the future of watching TV, and this is one of the best options to watch movies online with friends, where you'll meet new people while learning with them. You'll build your community of friends and creators to help you stay connected to the world around you.


  • Easy to create and join a room
  • Requires only an internet connection to access the website
  • No registration and service charges required


  • TV Optional
  • Easy to cope up
  • Interact with friends
  • Movies streaming

Netflix Party or Teleparty

How to watch movies with friends online on Netflix way?

Netflix Party is a Netflix-only party feature that includes all of the streaming media you know and love: movies, TV shows, original documentaries, and comedy specials. Netflix parties allow you to watch movies online with friends and family.

Note: Netflix party has a new name as Teleparty, so don't get confused.

how to watch movies with your friends online

Every night of the week, one show is chosen for a full seven-hour build-up. The next morning, viewers who signed up for Netflix Party get an email with details on the movie and how to stream it on Netflix.

Besides, it is like a regular Netflix site, but it allows you to engage your online friends and watch with them. You can share your comments for more fun and enjoyment. So, you can expect a vast digital library full of shows, movies, documentaries, and many more.


  • Rich media library
  • Familiar interface
  • Latest shows and movies available
  • Subtitles in different languages


  • Community shows
  • 7-hour non-stop entertainment weekly
  • Timely update


  • Paid service


Let's wrap the piece with the hope of catching up with all friends, if not physically, then digitally. Pandemic, long-distance, or any other reason can not take us apart when we have internet.

So, I hope this article covers the most asked-questions like "how to watch movies with friends online,” "how to watch movies with friends online on phone, and "how to watch movies with friends for free."


1. How To Watch Movies With Friends Online For Free?

The best is to find a streaming app/website which can help you watch movies, and the above are a few top websites to watch movies with friends online.

2. How To Watch Movies With Friends Online Disney Plus?

We did add how you can set up or use Disney plus to watch movies with friends online. Just get to the top and read the part of Disney plus.

3. How to watch movies with friends online Amazon Prime?

Watch party lets you stream unlimited movies while inviting your friends online. You can have a digital party with over 100 people. Just visit their website and start having fun.

4. Are these services free or paid?

These apps and websites are limited to free versions, and they also have premium subscriptions to provide uncountable entertainment.

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